Artificial intelligence
works better.

We use state-of-the-art A.I. technology to get sustainable and above-average performance in high-risk investments.



Outstanding returns with controlled risk

Our technology takes advantage of high volatility markets such as FOREX and CRYPTO using an A.I-driven risk management strategy.


Success fee policy. No hidden charges.

We charge a % of your monthly profits. That´s all. No minimum term or hidden fees. Frictionless onboarding and easy real-time monitoring.

Our A.I. operates each customer's account individually, and capital is always in the client's name.



Learn about our services in a 30 minutes call with a specialist.

Quant4x Web Application

Our clients have access to their investments in real-time, seeing their venture growth and tracking the profits by Whatsapp phone number.

  • Real-time results
  • 100% mobile compatible
  • Trade information
  • Multi-account
  • Whatsapp number follow-up

Quant4x Statistics

Within a market where 99% of all investors do not prevail more than four trimesters in a high-risk investment business, Quant4x, through technology boosted by A.I., had through time an outstanding result. Making us believe we are step by step, accomplishing our control risk through a high-risk market mission. All audited information

Win / loss trades

Of the total trades made, 69% they close with profit.

Profit factor

The earnings are 2.7 times the losses (on all trades).

Max Float Loss

The maximum percentage of capital exposed to loss was 5%.

Powered by a team

Quant4x is a fintech company based in Montreal, Canada, that develops artificial intelligence applied to investments. The founders and members of the board have more than 20 years of experience in the financial and technology industry developing award-winning solutions in multiple countries.

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CMO & Chief Marketing Officer



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Frequently Asked Question

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What does Quant4x do?

Quant4x offers an artificial intelligence service applied to auto trading in the trader market, obtaining systematically superior returns to traditional investment instruments.

No. Quant4x does not have custody of clients' capital. Each client can connect the Quant4x service to their account with a specific broker. The clients' money always remains in their name and the account of the broker of their choice.

Return over-investment is not fixed or guaranteed. The Quant4x service aims to obtain 60% per year in returns over investment, which may vary depending on market conditions and the balance that the client invests at the time of starting to use the Quant4x service. Past performance is no guarantee of future results

If the client wants to make a partial or total withdrawal, they must write an email to informing the amount to be withdrawn and Quant4x will reply within 24 hours authorizing the withdrawal request or refuse the request.

Quant4x must approve either total or partial withdrawals as the account might have undergone operations that require specific margin availability. If the margin decreases due to an unexpected exit, the client could lose all the capital. For this reason, the withdrawal window could be from one hour until one month, depending on the market conditions.

Quant4x charges a percentage commission on the monthly profit described in terms of service.

Through credit cards, using a secure payment mechanism such as other digital subscription services (Netflix, Spotify, etc.)